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What others have to say about User signals

The last piece of your SEO puzzle

Bunnyleap is a pool of real users that boost and enhance your user signals. Search engines sees this as a positive interaction and use the data when evaluating results.
SEO 1.0

On-Page SEO

All measures taken on your site to improve its position in search engines.

  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Page Speed
  • Internal Links
  • Alt tags
SEO 2.0

Off-Page SEO

Influencing factors that contribute towards improving your rankings offsite.

  • Back Links
  • Social Media
  • Domain Authority
  • Promotional Material

SEO 3.0

User Signals

User Behavior in Search Engines & on your website are being tracked and used

High Click-Through-Rate

Low Bounce Rate

Real Users

Dwell Time

+10 more signals

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google search quality

Edmond Lau

"...using click and visit data to rank results is a very reasonable and logical thing to do, and ignoring the data would have been silly."

google Documentation

Google Cloud

"...80 percent of people click on Result No. 2 and only 10 percent click on Result No. 1, after a while we figure out, well, probably Result 2 is the one people want. So we’ll switch it."

google us patent


"... user reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking.”

google Ranking engineer

Paul Haahr

Haahr highlighted that click patterns is one of the most prominent metrics that Google uses to determine success rates.

What Google Says

Although google never admits what ranking signals they are using, they have been hinting them.
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External Case Studies of User Signals

In 2014, leading SEO-software company, Moz ran an experiment on CTR. The main aim of this experiment was to understand how many organic visits one required to achieve top results on Google.

The result of this experiment; Their website went up from position #7 to #1 in less than three hours. It was evident that CTR played a pivotal role in influencing rankings.

Does Organic CTR Impact SEO Rankings?

The influence of queries and clicks on Google's Search Results.

Click-power Influence

How queries & clicks have a powerful influence on Google's Results.

Organic SEO as a Game-Changer

A look into organic Click-Through-Rate and how to boost results.

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